Surviving Divorce After 40

“The only guide for older women on what to do after their marriage ends”

Erica Manfred was fifty-five when her husband announced he was leaving for a younger woman. Luckily, she had a girlfriend who had been through a recent divorce—a friend who coached her through the frustrating, frightening process of taking care of herself again. Divorced women, especially those of a “certain age,” need advice not only from experts such as divorce lawyers and therapists, but also from a sage, savvy girlfriend who’s been there, done that. This book is that friend for the recently divorced or separated woman over forty.

Drawing both on her own experience and interviews with professionals and other divorced women Manfred covers it all.

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  • Foreword:
    Just What You Need
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Grieving Is a Full-Time Job:
    How to Survive the First-Worst-Year Read This Chapter
  • Chapter 2: Before You Give Up:
    Reconciliation Strategies That Work
  • Chapter 3: You and Your Divorce Lawyer:
    A Love-Hate Relationship
  • Chapter 4: Living Alone and Liking It:
    It Is Possible to Be Happy Without a Man
  • Chapter 5: No, You Will Not Become a Bag Lady:
    Playing Your Cards Right
  • Chapter 6: Waiting Until the Kids Are Grown:
    The Kids Are Never Grown
  • Chapter 7: What the Hell Happened to Your Marriage:
    You Do Need to Figure It Out
  • Chapter 8: Reinventing Yourself:
    How to Become Who You Really Are
  • Chapter 9: Dating Again:
    On That Little Screen and Off It
  • Chapter 10: But I Love Her:
    Coping with Betrayal
  • Chapter 11: Forgiving the Bastard and Moving On:
    Forgive Yourself First
  • Resources
  • Index
  • Acknowledgments

You’ll find out how to:

  • Avoid “kiss of death” marriage counselors to determine if reconciliation is possible.
  • Find an affordable divorce lawyer who does not snort scornfully at the word “mediation.”
  • Survive the first, worst, year.
  • Deal with your adult or teen kids (who can be just as devastated as small children).
  • Get back to work or find a new career. (Age discrimination does not have to stop you.)
  • Educate yourself about the financial realities of divorce for older women. (NOT the same as for younger women.)
  • Use the Internet to date the Viagra generation.
  • Restore your self-esteem despite body parts that have succumbed to gravity.
  • Figure out what the hell happened to your marriage.
  • Forgive the bastard (and yourself) and finally move on.

“Is there life after divorce? Erica Manfred, who has been there and back, says a powerful ‘Yes!” in this book. For older women going through this devastating life change, whether you left or were left, this book is a Godsend. With her own story, and the stories of many other women over 45 who were divorced after a long-time marriage, she lets you know you are not alone. With hard-knocks wisdom, she shows you how to navigate the rocky path, and she bolsters he own been-there know-how with information and advice from experts.

A must-read for any woman divorced, divorcing, or worried about it.”

Tina B. Tessina, PhD (aka “Dr. Romance
psychotherapist and author of
Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting about the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage
(Adams Media 2008) 1-59869-325-6