The Latest on my EFT Therapy

I’ve decided to quit the EFT therapy because it was just too damned dumb.  I couldn’t face sitting there rubbing my chest one more time saying “I love and accept myself even though I  hate myself.”  Well not exactly those words but you get the picture.   The therapist was very sympathetic but she seems to totally lack a sense of humor.  When I said that EFT was too new-agey she got indignant and said “I’m not new agey.”   Ha, there are two, count them, two different EFT workshops in Woodstock this week.   Even though  Woodstock (where I live) is New Age East (Sedona, Arizona is New Age West) that’s a record.   One mentions putting the “law of attraction “ into effect, speaking of trendy and new agey.

Plus when I said I felt like Al Franken’s character Stuart Smalley on Saturday Night Live when he faces the mirror and says, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and gosh darnit people like me.”  she not only didn’t laugh but had never heard of Stuart Smalley or Al Franken.   She’s probably never watched Saturday Night Live.     I realized that we’re on totally different wavelengths.  Most of what she said was platitudes and standard self-help jargon.  I am somewhat (ok more than somewhat) cynical about self-help and cognitive therapy since I’ve written about it for 25 years.   I can recite that stuff in  my sleep.

So I’m on my own again.  I’m feeling a bit better.  I had a good visit with my daughter last week and am seeing her again at her therapist next week, and then we’re going to start visiting alone—for just an hour, but at least she wants to start visiting again.  I’m very happy about that so it’s lifting my mood.

On to the next wacky shrink.

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